Who are we?

Firstly, we really don’t like the term debt collector, because we are not. Our role is to assist in preparing your adjudication application (if needed). We don’t go chasing your money or issue intimidating demand letters or knock on people’s doors.

CILA was established to help small contractors in relation to the Act. We can assist you with the following:

  • Reviewing your contractual documentation i.e. drawings, specifications, correspondence
  • Determining/reviewing appropriate costs for variations, back charges, credits
  • Reviewing your payment claims and payment schedules
  • Assisting you in preparations of written submissions related to an adjudication application
  • Referring you to a very competent solicitor if you need a legal advice

Be aware of debt collectors offering you ‘one stop shop’ service. What they are doing is completely illegal, as they are actually doing what only a law firm can, for instance they will advise you on a cause of action and then follow through with preparing your submission. This is what is called a legal advice, there is no other way of putting it.  Avoid at all costs. Please read our ‘Getting the Right Help’ page.