How much does it cost?

There are several cost components which are described below.

Our Fee

We only charge if you need our help. We will never charge for questions in relation to the Act. Our fee is entirely time related. Please read our About CILA page.

Adjudication Fee

Adjudication fee is payable for the actual time an adjudicator will spend on the case.  Total sum can be as low as $1,000 and can go over $15,000, however you will normally be arguing about 6 figures at that stage. The best part is that the adjudication fee is usuallly recoverable from the other party if you are successful. Compare this to court case which may cost over $50,000 in solicitor’s fees alone.

Enforcement Fee

If the respondent fails to pay the adjudicated amount then you have to enforce the adjudication via a court judgement. While it sounds intimidating, the process is actually very quick and usually does not require a solicitor. Typically enforcement fees are within the vicinity of $400-$800 and most are recoverable from the other party.

Liability for Other Party’s Costs

You are usually not liable to pay the other party’s costs which are associated with the adjudication, even if you are not successful.

Costs Compared to Court Action

In our opinion there really in most cases is no good reason to go to court when you can adjudicate. Court action may cost you tens of thousands in fees and may take years.