Getting the Right Help


Let’s be honest. Yes, you do need someone who knows what they are doing. There is a common misapprehension about solicitors, they are not experts in every field. You would not believe how many enquiries we get from clients seeking an advice after their solicitors completely butchered their applications. To give you an idea, a solicitor who is a true expert in the field, will charge anywhere $450-$750 per hour and you will probably deal with a mega law firm and usually they will do an excellent job. Normally, an average application will take approximately 25-40 hours to compile, the maths is simple, most claimants simply can’t afford it. ​​

Getting the right solicitor to help at the right time is absolutely vital. You can minimise the costs by doing some of the “leg work” yourself. For instance, don’t just hand it over to a solicitor and then wait for the result. Prepare your arguments, present and reference all the evidence (photos, emails, messages) and attempt to value your work (we can help you with all those), after that a solicitor will be required to spend a lot less time preparing your submission.

Debt Collectors

Not much to be said here, apart from making you do all the work and then just photocopying the submission (that you made) and then charging you thousands of dollars……

​These people are absolute scammers. Don’t take our word for it, give them a call and try to arrange a meeting at their office, only to be given an excuse of why they will have to meet you somewhere else.  Wonder why their websites have no current office address? Normally you will only see their address when searching on Google maps, only because Google makes you to verify your address prior to running an ad campaign and usually those addresses are different from the ones on their website. If you think this is strange, you are absolutely right. We would like you to show us a single real law firm which hides it’s address. It is quite obvious what these debt collectors are doing is illegal and they know it.

Their classic response is ‘well, we don’t give a legal advice’. Clearly, they either absolutely have no idea what a legal advice is or (most likely) they simply don’t care. Applying a set of facts of a specific situation and then advising on a course of action is what is called a legal advice. To give you an example, ‘I have reviewed your payment claim and in my opinion you may apply for adjudication under the Security of Payment Act’ is a legal advice. Another example, ‘in my opinion you may serve Section 17(2) notice’ is also a legal advice. Only a solicitor with a local practicing certificate can do that.

Solicitors are governed by the professional rules of the Law Society (NSW), they have professional indemnity insurance, they are governed by lawyer/client relationship which encompasses things like confidentiality and ethics. With debt collectors none of these apply, you will basically have no recourse if they are negligent or expose you to a legal liability.

Yes, they are much cheaper than engaging a solicitor but the truth is that these so called “experts” simply don’t care what the end result is, normally you will be asked to pay for the whole thing upfront. While you don’t need to be a solicitor to compile an adjudication application, the sad truth is that most of the self-proclaimed “experts” out there have no tertiary qualifications of any kind. They put Master CAPI (debt collection) licences numbers on their websites, thus creating an illusion of some kind of accreditation. Well, you don’t need any qualifications whatsoever to obtain a CAPI master licence. All the master licence lets you do is to employ people with a CAPI operator’s licence. The operator’s licence requires a course of study and a practical experience and we can pretty much but guarantee that most of the “experts” don’t have anyone employed with the operator’s licence.