Security of Payment NSW


Have you carried out any construction work?


Were you engaged to provide a professional service?


Did you supply any goods?

Recover your entitlements

Payment Overdue?

Banks will not wait, why should you?

Tired of Excuses?

Don't fall for empty promises

Demands Ignored?

The Act provides for an enforceable course of action

'Yes' to any of the above?

You are in the right place......

Security of Payment Act for the Building Industry.

Action under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) may be your perfect solution.

Security of Payment Act is a state legislation designed to provide for quick and regular payments for most construction work, goods or services supplied.

The ability to apply for adjudication of a payment claim (your invoice) is the main enforcement tool of the legislation. The adjudication process is usually quick, cheap and 100% enforceable course of action. Our DIY guide is a good starting point if you are thinking of lodging an adjudication application. Be aware of the most common traps that a lot of claimants fall into.

Please have a look at our FAQ page as it has the most common questions we get and feel free to browse our site for more information relating to the Security of Payment Act, but be aware, the Act provides for strict and very limited time frames to take action.

​The purpose of this web site is not to pursue you to pay us for our service and as cliche as it sound the main purpose is to help contractors in a desperate need of assistance. We are not a law firm and as such we will not be able to give a legal advice in relation to your matter and at no stage will we act on your behalf.

How long before you get paid?

This is one of the main benefits of the Act, on average you may have your money within 4-8 weeks from the moment you decide to adjudicate. Yes, im most cases it is really that quick. The bad news is that there is not much time to think about it, you have to act now.

Time frames will vary on case by case basis as contracts might have provisions which will affect the duration of the process. Compare this to a court action which can take years.

What can you argue about?

Pretty much anything, please refer to our Common Adjudication Disputes page for typical situations we encounter.

Need Help? Got a questions? We are here to help, fill in the form or email us at info@cila.com.au. Additionally, please refer to our Getting the Right Help page.

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